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Carbon Footprint

22 Jun 2011

Yes! Global warming is a major aftereffect of industries, automobiles, effluents, etc. Yes! We in no way are directly related with increase in the green house gases (GHG) like CO2, SO2, CO, etc in the atmosphere. Yes! The collective emission of GHG by the developed nation is way above that by the developing nations. Yes! The onus to reduce the impact of this colossal monster lies with its initiators.

But, we also have few questions facing these affirmatives.

None of us ever travelled in a car or bike, have we? Never have we reaped the benefits of the modernization, AC, refrigerator, computer, even mobile phones, have we? We have never complained about the growing pace of industrialization and the inherent neglect of the ecology in the barter, have we? We distributed the land as borders, sea as water space and air as airspace, but did we block the free flow of air, water, flora and fauna?

Carbon footprint is nothing but a precise answer to these questions. It is the amount of GHGs emitted by the activities of you or me or by any individual dwelling the face of earth.  It is our measure of success vis-à-vis our capabilities to pollute the ecosystem. It is the quantification of the extent to which we all can be held liable, collectively towards the global warming. The period of evaluation can vary, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually as per the time frame under consideration

There are two forms of carbon footprint, Primary footprint, referring to pollution caused by direct contribution of individuals and secondary footprint, caused by activates indirectly resulting in carbon emission. Let’s try and simplify it, for example, you drive a car for 100 kms you succeed in emitting nothing less than 20 kg CO2 in the atmosphere. Consumption of 1 KWHr of electricity adds 10 Kg of CO2 to the ecosystem.

The examples can go on and on, but the crux of the matter is that it is extremely difficult to mould over lifestyle to suit the dampened ecology. So, what can we do, well, to make up for the carbon footprint, we can certainly increase our green footprint on earth. The challenge in this case is to get started before its too late for the generations to come. Get started before its too late and we have the upcoming generations start blaming us for the mess we leave for them to clean up. It’s time to put our hands up and get counted, and coining the word Carbon Footprint is precisely meant for this realization. It gives an individualistic feel, we can quantify our accountability to the environment. To calculate your precise carbon footprint please visit http://calculator.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx and get accounted!

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