Category : Data Analytics

ML-based Fleet Management Solution For Transportation Business

Machine learning in fleet management helps increase business productivity & efficiency while reducing operational costs. Besides, it enables drivers to keep track of their performance and improve long-term outcomes.

Sales Analytics Solutions To Solve Enterprise-Level Challenges

Enterprises collect and handle an immense volume, velocity, and variety of data every day. Managing such a large amount of data and harnessing it for improving productivity is a significant challenge for organizations today.

Digital Ad Order Management With Data Analytics Solution [Case Study]

Advertising companies today hold a wealth of data. It includes booking requests, inventory & time-slot availability, and more. A possible lapse in assessing such large datasets would result in missing out of timely asset allocation.

ML Based Health Tracking Solution For Healthcare Industry [Case Study]

Health monitoring systems continue to evolve in this digital age. AI-powered health-tracking wearable devices today continuously monitor vital signs of a patient’s health and basis that generate a large number of observations per second.

Importance Of Business Intelligence in Banking and Finance

Business Intelligence solutions are not new to the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) domain. They help enhance the operations for banking and financial sector by identifying, analyzing, addressing and resolving issues in real-time and more.

Advantages Of Business Intelligence For Accurate Planning And Reporting

Business intelligence solutions are becoming an integral component of every business today. They empower the organizations to convert the vast amount of company data into actionable insights.

Business Intelligence In Retail Industry [Infographic]

Retail businesses around the world manage incredible amounts of information. Every customer interaction is an opportunity that enables them to learn more about how to make their business more efficient and successful.