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E-Commerce Challenges – 5: Up-Selling Opportunities

A great trick of generating revenue is up selling products; it is one of the most powerful methods of making a quick sale. Up selling happens more commonly in traditional brick and mortar stores where the annoying salesman keeps suggesting things for you to purchase.

E-commerce Challenges – 4: Website Design for Better User Experience

E-commerce website design and development plays an important role in the B2B and B2C business with the growing trend of internet and e-businesses of today’s modern era. The electronic trade that is carried out online is what we know as e-commerce.

E-commerce Industry Growth in Europe

The global e-commerce industry is booming and the European e-commerce market is no exception. The European e-commerce statistics shows that the continent’s e-commerce holds a greater share of its Internet economy and is estimated to treble by the end of year 2020.

E-commerce Challenges – 3: Making SEO Friendly E-commerce Site

A secure and attractive website is just one part of having an e-commerce solution. You need to have an SEO friendly e-commerce website in order to achieve success with your venture. If your website doesn’t rank on relative keywords or worst, is blacklisted by search engines, then no matter how attractive or secure your website is, you won’t have visitors.