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Microsoft Sharepoint Search Features and Capabilities

The wide range of search features that SharePoint offers is worth a discussion! Microsoft SharePoint development has tremendous search & research capabilities, including documents, external content (e.g., network shares or public web sites), and user profiles. SharePoint search capabilities helps people find the information they need, to do their job effectively and more importantly – efficiently.

Sharepoint Insights Features: An Integrated Business Intelligence Tool

‘SharePoint Insights’ is an important component of Microsoft SharePoint that provides data integration, data crawling, and report design, enabling businesses to make better decisions. SharePoint insights is an integrated business intelligence tool that integrates with SQL Server Reporting Services to provide a complete business intelligence platform.

Windows Azure Compute: One of the Five Parts of Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Service

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform for building Web applications, host and scale through Microsoft data centers. Windows Azure is therefore classified as “platform as a Service” and the part of Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy and the provision of “Software as a Services”.

SQL Server Integration Service 2005 – Integration between SQL Server and MySQL

This article aims at relaying the steps in integration between SQL Server and MySQL using SQL Server Integration Service 2005 Following are the steps for integration. 1. Install MySQL ODBC Driver To connect MySQL from SQL Server Integration Service 2005 requires the installation of the correct MySQL ODBC Driver.