Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Unveils CDM Database Preview, Google Acquires Orbitera, Oracle’s JVM Plan Enhances Language Support

12 Aug. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft releases the public preview of Common Data Model Database, Google acquires SaaS-based cloud commerce platform Orbitera, and Oracle plans to strengthen language capabilities for JVM.

Microsoft Releases Common Data Model Database Public Preview for Testers

Microsoft Common Data Model Database Preview Available

As promised, Microsoft has released the public preview of its Common Data Model (CDM) Database which it describes as an out-of-the-box database to store and manage business entities. The CDM is at the center of its PowerApps service for developing custom business applications and the new cloud offering Dynamics 365 ERP/CRM cloud bundle.

CDM can be utilized as a business database to create flows using Microsoft’s Flow event-automation tool. It enables access to standard entities and allows developers to develop custom entities. The company is also offering some templates to help the users get started. Users can even use the CDM to amass data such as Tweets or RSS items. Moreover, they can export and import data from services like Dynamics CRM, Microsoft’s SQL database (cloud and on-premise), Excel, and Salesforce. They even have the option to use CDM to create and store history or status of pending approvals.

The entities in CDM will enable support for data types such as email, address, Invoice and order auto numbering, currency, geographical locations, images, and more. They will be implemented via latest SQL Server data types.

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Google Buys Cloud Commerce Platform Orbitera

Google Buys Orbitera

Google has acquired Orbitera, a startup that offers tools for developers to buy and sell cloud-based software. The acquisition reportedly costs more than $100 million and will enable Google to help companies sell cloud-based software to other businesses more effectively.

“The current model for deploying, managing and billing of cloud-based software does not easily fit the way today’s modern enterprises operate. Orbitera automates many of the processes associated with billing, packaging and pricing optimization for leading businesses and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) supporting customers running in the cloud,” Nan Boden, Head of Global Technology Partners for the Google Cloud Platform, Google’s public cloud infrastructure business, wrote in a blog post.

Orbitera has previously been an AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner. However, the acquisition is aimed at reinforcing Google Cloud Platform’s support for the multi-cloud world.

Oracle’s JVM Plan Includes Greater Language Support

Oracle's Plan For JVM To Include Greater Language Support

Oracle’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) plan includes greater language support and accommodations for microservices along with a heavier reliance on Java programming. “We want a VM that will continue to be polyglot, that will interoperate with unmanaged languages, and implement well-managed languages,” said John Rose, Oracle JVM architect, during the company’s recent JVM Language Summit conference in Silicon Valley. “Maybe in the next decade or so we’ll see C programs or C++ programs running in managed mode on top of the JVM. I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Moreover, the density and scalability goals for Java Virtual Machine will enable working with microservices. The company even cited about retooling Java EE for cloud deployments and microservices. It wants Java to be utilized for running languages such as Clojure and Scala while maintaining the compatibility to run 30-year-old Java Archive (JAR) files.

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