Enterprise Tech News: Google Launches Cloud Bigtable, Azure Stack for Enterprises, IBM & Facebook Team up to Sell Personalized Ads

08 May. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Big Data Analysis made easy with Google Cloud Bigtable, Microsoft enables private cloud creation for Enterprises and IBM & Facebook team up to sell personalized ads and improve B2B marketing for its enterprise users.

Big Data Analysis Made Easy with Google Cloud Bigtable

Google Cloud Bigtable

Google has announced the launch of the beta version of the Cloud Bigtable. This is a NoSQL data store on the cloud. Consumers can work with Big data using the API (application programming interface) for Apache Hbase (an open-source implementation of the Bigtable architecture for storing data across many servers). Bigtable helps by storing large volumes of data online and enables enterprises to conduct big data analysis through a cloud service. Google Cloud Bigtable is also the foundation for other core products of Google such as Search, Analytics and Gmail.

Enterprises Can Now Create their Own Private Cloud with Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft has always emphasized the need for a hybrid cloud service due to their focus on business consumers. Bringing forth Azure Stack has further reinforced the importance of enterprises for Microsoft. Many companies want to use cloud computing but they often do not have the requisite resources to run their apps on a different server. Microsoft Azure Stack allows enterprises to install a complete version of Microsoft’s Azure cloud software on their own servers. Thus, an application can function on the enterprise server, Microsoft Cloud, or on both.

IBM & Facebook Team Up for Delivering Effective B2B Marketing Strategies

IBM & Facebook B2B Marketing

IBM and Facebook are joining hands to offer marketers a seamless platform. According to IBM, users can now buy Facebook ads using combined data from Facebook and IBM’s Marketing Cloud. The company also mentioned that users can repeat successful campaigns on Facebook in other places. Additionally, this partnership will help sell more Facebook ads to IBM’s Fortune 500 clients while continuing to push IBM’s own marketing cloud services in parallel.

The collaboration is also a boon for retailers. They’ll be able to analyze shopper actions on Facebook, find potential customers, offer personalized ads to them and design relevant marketing campaigns for use across media channels.

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