Cloud Computing Now Sowing Deeper Roots Among Enterprises

17 Apr. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Findings of a survey conducted by a division of Information Today Inc., Unisphere Research, with 262 enterprise IT and data managers, on use of cloud technology within the enterprise section.

The survey findings indicate that there has been a significant increase in the number of enterprises (37% from 29%) running or piloting private clouds. Around 26% enterprises are using public cloud services for enterprise applications and 32% enterprises have been found to employ external services in order to host at least a part of their private cloud infrastructures.

Cloud Computing

There has also been an increase in the workload that is uploaded over the private cloud. The findings indicate that 38% of the participants with private clouds have more than one-tenth of their total IT assets now running within their cloud formations. The survey findings also indicated a significant rise in the adoption of PaaS (platform as a service) environments within the private cloud of enterprises.

Although cloud computing is found to sow deeper roots in the enterprise section, there are certain challenges organizations may face. It was indicated that lack of expertise or knowledge (37% participants), funding issues (35% participants) and gaining cross-organization support or participation (32% participants) can prove to be hindrances in easy adoption of private cloud infrastructures.

Organizations also expect benefits from adopting private cloud. Some of the benefits of adopting private cloud as indicated by the participants are cost cutting through consolidation and achieving higher asset utilization (61%), improved operational efficiencies (44%), elimination of duplication across enterprises and attaining faster marketing time for new applications.

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