Enterprise Tech News: Google Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub, MSFT Outlook Add-Ins, IBM finds Android Bug

14 Aug. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features Google moving Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub out of beta, Microsoft rolling Outlook.com to more users with new add-ins and IBM researchers discover new bug.

Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Pub/Sub Officially Released

Big data on Google Cloud

Google has moved two of its big data toolsets – Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub out of beta and made them available for general public.

Both these are valuable additions to its cloud portfolio as they emphasize performance and scale. It is believed that Google Cloud Dataflow can replace Hadoop, as it enables the fusion of disparate sources of data in a single processing pipeline. Google Cloud Pub/Sub helps manage data streams in real time.

The launch of both these services strengthen Google’s portfolio of cloud-based focused data analysis tools and complement Google BigQuery, the company’s commercial service that processes large sets of unstructured data.

Microsoft’s Expands rollout of Outlook.com with Partner Add-Ins

Outlook Partner Add-Ins

Microsoft has made some major enhancements to Outlook this year. Now, it is expanding the preview of Outlook.com to more users and has also included add-ins from partners such as Uber, PayPal and Evernote.

Consumers will now be able to do a lot more from their inbox. For e.g. include an Uber ride reminder to that meeting on your calendar with a single tab. Need to send money to someone on their birthday? Do that directly with the PayPal add-in built for Outlook. All these partner solutions are beneficial for both customer and enterprise users.

This announcement will offer a better Outlook experience to Microsoft users.

IBM Discovers Security Breach that Affects 55% of Android Phones

IBM Discovers Security Breach

Security experts at IBM have discovered a flaw that exploits and puts more than 55 percent of Android phones at risk of being taken over by relentless attackers.

IBM’s X-Force Application Security Research Team has found that hackers can compromise a phone, execute code on it and take control of legitimate applications. For instance, through the attack, a real app can be replaced with a fake app that steals your phone’s data. The new flaw disclosed by IBM researchers is present in Android versions 4.3-5.1 (Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop) and a patch is available. However, the phone service providers get to decide if and when to distribute it.

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