Cloud Highlights of the Week: Google, AWS, Microsoft and

15 May. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

The tech giants Google, AWS, Microsoft and have reached new levels in the cloud.

Google via its blog post announced that Debian will now be the default image mode for Google Compute Engine (GCE). Google announced its support for the Debian Linux distribution in its Google Compute Engine (still in preview mode) just in time for the Google I/O. It said that the major reason for the move is their improved handling of the 32/64 bit compatibility.

Google App Engine and AWS

According to a Google spokesperson, “customers will get a great experience having a Linux distribution that is maintained by the Debian community”. However, customers are looking forward for the general availability of Google Compute Engine, making it the second largest IaaS, with respect to capacity, after the AWS or Amazon Web Services. Microsoft has also entered the competition by launching its Windows Azure IaaS capabilities.

Talking of AWS, note that it has taken a step further in entering the enterprise world, where the reigns are in the hands of Windows. The new AWS Management Pack for Microsoft System Center will now allow a Windows admin at a company to keep a check on on-premises Windows resources along with EC2 Linux or Windows instances, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk that is running on AWS., another tech giant is now moving towards completely eliminating the old school customer forums. It officially launched Communities on May 2, 2013, a social offering that directs customer interactions into the Chatter, their common internal CRM platform. This social offering is targeted at minimizing the barriers between businesses, partners and customers by bringing them together at a common CRM platform.

Looking at these developments, we can only wait and watch how the cloud wars become rougher by the day.

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