Enterprise Tech News: Google launches Cloud SQL New Version, Microsoft Cloud and Productivity Updates, Facebook Open Sources ‘Big Sur’

18 Dec. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Google announcing the latest version of its Cloud SQL service, Microsoft releases major updates for its enterprise customers and Facebook open sources its Artificial Intelligence server.

Google Announces 2nd Gen Cloud SQL Service with Emphasis on Speed & Flexibility

Google Cloud SQL

Google has just announced that the 2nd generation of Google Cloud SQL service, the hosted version of the MySQL database is now available in beta. The latest edition offers more storage and better performance than the first one which was launched in 2011.

According to a Google blog post, the latest version of Cloud SQL has these features: ability to scale up to 10 terabytes, 104GB of RAM and 15,000 input/output operations per second. As per Brett Hesterberg, Product Manager for Google Cloud Platform, ”Second generation Cloud SQL is more than seven times faster than the first generation of Cloud SQL.”

Google’s also trying to see that developers try this service. The organization is giving a $300 credit and will consider Google’s sustained use discount during the beta period.

Microsoft Introduces Numerous Productivity & Storage Updates for Businesses

Microsoft Updates for Businesses

Microsoft has announced a series of updates for many of its products. These are aimed at improving the company’s cloud and productivity services for enterprise customers.

The first one, launch of a next-generation OneDrive. This service will help the Microsoft enterprise cloud storage perform better by increasing the speed and reliability of use. Microsoft’s iOS apps have also received some new features like offline storage in OneDrive for iOS. Apart from user-centric updates, developers will also benefit from additional capabilities. These include Business APIs as well as SDKs for Android, iOS and Universal Windows.

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Facebook Open Sources Artificial Intelligence Server ‘Big Sur’

Facebook Open Sources Big Sur

Facebook has been in the news for the right reasons. Now, the organizations has said that their research team has developed hardware for a type of artificial intelligence (AI) called deep learning. The designs for this hardware have been made open source under the Open Compute Project.

The servers, codenamed Big Sur (a scenic location on the Pacific coast) is designed to handle the latest AI algorithms. They contain graphics processing units (GPUs), which are ideal for deep learning. This new type of AI includes training artificial neural networks on large amounts of data and then getting the networks to draw inferences from the new data.

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