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Coach for Results and Don’t Control Further

03 Aug 2011

If you want to control employees, you have to watch them all the time. As soon as you are not looking, they may rebel and go back to doing things their way. That requires for you to exercise “eternal vigilance” – which is a rotten way to spend the day and will keep you from doing anything productive.

Don’t control. Instead, you should coach for results and give clear directions with defined goals. Then trust them.

You might think that the whole organization would fall apart if you weren’t there, but you cannot afford such self-indulgence. Trying to make yourself indispensable, is just plain bad management.  Coach for results is the key to coaching your team, so that they become confident to carry out plans without you and are capable to do it well.

When you let them take the lead and execute, three good things happen.

1. You show your respect for your team members.
2. You show that you have your team’s support.
3. You open yourself up to the possibility that they will do the job better than you could have.

You don’t want a good follower. You want a potential leader, someone who makes the calls, provides knowledge, information and most of all, trust. If you coach them well, you won’t have to correct them later.  Your team members are often a lot closer to the problem than you are. They may have a much better sense of how to solve it. Give them a shot. You won’t lose face; you will gain their respect and acceptance further.

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