Cold Calling in the Outsourcing World

17 Nov. 2010 General

In today’s ever changing world, using cold calling as a marketing technique is one challenge that many outsourcing companies face.

Many calling techniques that were used earlier may not be as effective today. Reasons could be attributed to the fact that:

  • The way we look for information has changed in the internet age and;
  • The strategies and tactics learnt in the past are not being applied correctly

Any sales person would agree that along with the responsibility to meet monthly/quarterly or yearly revenue targets, he or she also has to keep a strict tab over his daily, monthly and annual call appointments as well.

Make Cold Calls:

No sales person or organization can guarantee a fool-proof method for generating sales leads on the first call. It’s all about conversations. A sales person needs to learn about the prospect by engaging in meaningful conversations. Only then will he be in a position to offer his or her services. Any conversation requires consistency, multiple methods and different modes. The communication needs to personalized and targeted whenever possible. A buyer then buys when he’s ready to buy.

Whom to Target:

It’s best to target the decision makers in any organization typically the Owner, CEO, President, COO or CFO. To get to them, getting past the gatekeepers is the first step.

How to target:

After getting past the gatekeepers, there is no guarantee though that a sales person will make a sale. The prospect is always wary of such cold calling. But the challenge lies in finding the right reasons which will keep the prospect interested in your call. The sales person needs to lessen or eliminate the feeling of intrusiveness that a prospect may feel.

If you have reached the decision maker and know exactly the pain areas of prospect (by researching in advance), the less number of contacts it takes to achieve your goal.

Use the checklist below to help you make that sale by cold calling:

  1. Have a thorough knowledge of the prospect’s title and vertical industry
  2. Know the business goals/problems which can be addressed
  3. Have a great questioning script that will ultimately lead your sales call to closure.
  4. Position your offerings in a way that will help the prospect see his pain areas being alleviated
  5. Veer your conversation with the prospect in such a direction that it will ultimately help you reach your goal.
  6. Maintain your credibility
  7. Be flexible and open to negotiations

Buying is an emotional act… induce the right emotion for a win!

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