Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Rolls-Out Cordova Extension, Google Open Sources Seesaw, Oracle’s JDK 9 Kills Java Plugin

05 Feb. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft releasing Apache Cordova Tools extension to streamline mobile development, Google announces Linux-based load balancing system – SeeSaw and Oracle to kill Java browser plugin with JDK 9’s release.

Microsoft Announces Apache Cordova Extension Tools For Visual Studio Code

Apache Cordova Tools Extension by Microsoft

Developers, for years, have used Cordova to build mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows with a shared JavaScript codebase. It is an easy-to-install software that allows developers to reuse 100% code by leveraging shared JavaScript API.

Microsoft has recently released a new extension to leverage Cordova for developing, debugging and previewing mobile apps using the Visual Studio.

The extension helps enterprise developers to debug hybrid applications, locate Cordova-specific commands in the Command Palette and utilize IntelliSense to find objects, functions and parameters. The new extension works with both “stock” versions of the apache Cordova framework as well as downstream frameworks like Ionic, PhoneGap, Onsen and SAP Fiori mobile client. It easily adapts to any JavaScript Framework. Also, VS Code and Cordova Tools can let you debug apps on emulators, simulators and tethered devices for iOS and Android.

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Google Open Sources Seesaw – A Linux-Based Load Balancing Technology

Network Load Balancing System – Seesaw

Google has announced its latest Linux-based load balancing system called “Seesaw”. It is another internal software project developed using Google’s Go programming language.

Google earlier used two load balancing systems which were used to stabilize load management issues. Seesaw was developed considering requirements of routing traffic to unicast and anycast virtual IP addresses, perform load balancing with NAT and DSR (dynamic source routing), carry out sufficient health checks against the backend and automate configuration changes.

Although, developed by Google, Seesaw is not officially supported by them. The code for this project is available under Apache 2.0 license on GitHub.

Oracle To Kill Java Plugin With JDK 9 Release

Oracle to Discontinue Java Plugin with JDK 9

Oracle is finally putting an end to the Java browser plugin that caused frequent security and update issues to its users. App developers usually migrated to plugin-free Java Web Start technology as an alternative while working with Java Applets that relied on browser plugin.

In a recent blog post, Oracle has announced the release of JDK 9 with its early access beta version available for the users to download and test. Oracle’s latest initiative removes the Java plugin technology from JDK and JRE which is a future Java SE release. Apart from resolving security and update issues, the new release will also allow users to opt for Ask Toolbar Download while installing the plugin.

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