Corporate Social Responsibility – The Cleanathon

25 Nov. 2010 General

A walk down the streets is often a means to relieve stress after a long work day or an opportunity to meet with nature. Yet, more often than not, we find ourselves indulging in complaints about how wonderfully decorated our streets are with the generous contribution of garbage that we tend to make!

The words that we commonly hear are, “why cant people use some civic sense” “Don’t people have dustbins at home” “Who will teach Indians how to keep the city clean?” and the moment you utter these words, someone passes by flinging a pack of chips to the ground! Oblivious to what you were talking, he walks by and maybe and most definitely speaks out the same words you were speaking when he slips on a banana peel !!!

If everyone seems to be complaining, who is the actual culprit? Or is it that we join the bandwagon of those who litter, as and when we want to? and jump back to the ‘civilized club’ when we have nothing to donate to the streets!!

Would like to believe, and do believe, that all human beings always have the right intentions, however it is our conscience that falls prey to ‘convenience’ most times.

We do things when it is ‘convenient’!

So there may be times when you are being a good citizen and your conscience is telling you to do the right things almost automatically and then you witness someone else do the exact opposite. You suddenly find your conscience telling you “why should I be the only one?” and you are back to what is ‘negatively convenient’

Unfortunately habits are developed by repetition of an action and old habits are hard to die.

It is then a matter of strengthening our conscience and allowing it to guide us to do the right.

A similar thought lead the Rishabh team to venture into a drive that would wake the conscience of citizens of Baroda. The perfect opportunity was met with, when volunteers of the ‘Clean Vadodara Green Vadodara’ initiative walked into the doors of Rishabh Software with a campaign called ‘Cleanathon’. A campaign built to nudge the civilized side of Barodians and have them literally contribute to the society by cleaning the streets of Baroda.

An enthusiastic group of almost 50 Rishabhites jumped to the opportunity who thought it was their corporate social responsibility to make vadodara a better place to live.

The drive toward a clean Vadodara city was strengthened as 50 RSPL members took to the cleaning gear and swept clean, the streets of Vadodara. Their area of operation was the road alongside Gajanan Complex down to Akota Garden.

We truly appreciate your down to earth approach toward the campaign and leading by example! We have earned the title of a responsible Indian citizen and also right to stand up against those who litter. We hope our contribution has lead to waking the conscience of the people of Vadodara and set a example for corporate social responsibility for other institutes.

Its time we rise up and embrace our city, and while we do so, proudly say: “Clean Vadodara Green Vadodara”.

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