Creativity and Innovation – Fuel for Successful Teams!

10 Nov. 2011 General

In today’s corporate world, creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Creativity and innovation are building blocks for team success. Creativity brings in the much called for thought process to the team in a synergized environment. When problems arise, having a team of people that can solve issues quickly and effectively with a little creative thinking is beneficial to everyone. Creativity leads to innovation i.e. it helps get innovative outputs. Creativity and team work make innovation happen.

What’s better than an idea that is ready to be implemented? It takes time to convert an idea into action. Some excellent creative ideas die in the mother’s womb, if they are born prematurely!. The time factor is important in the conversion of creativity into innovation. To stay innovative, one needs to stay focused and have an out-of-the-box-thinking.

However, the problem lies in our mental block in terms of stretching to the extent of achieving greater results. We often settle for something that is mediocre and well programmed! Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as every one else does, but thinking of something different. Our brain is uncreative in the sense that it will use the same pattern again and again under all circumstances. We must know the art of unlocking that mental block.

There are many ways to unlock this mental block. We must believe that the human mind can unknowingly get programmed to doing things without much change or creation! Unless we know how to shift the mode, we cannot get into the creative mode. It is like changing the TV channels because the remote has so many push buttons. A thump or a shock can make us think differently. Thinking differently is the secret. As I mentioned earlier, discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else does and thinking differently. We just have to try a bit harder.

A collaborative work environment is a breeding ground for creativity. A team, working together toward a common goal, can give rise to creative thought processes and innovation. We must foster an environment where people use their minds to creatively solve problems and reward them. We must develop platforms that aid as catalysts in the formation of new ideas, such as brainstorming sessions, which allow employees to come up with ideas. Once you have a bank of ideas, take a closer look and execute the high quality, result oriented ones.

Creativity and innovation are an evolving process and requires constant nurturing and a conducive environment to build. These competencies once built in teams, can bring about great results!

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