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10 Nov. 2010 Software Development

Custom Software Development, also known as bespoke software development, is a customised developed application for the sole use of a particular company. This is different from off the shelf software that targets the mass market. The reasons for going for custom software development services and not off the shelf applications vary; For instance, governments may opt for custom software development services to reduce the likelihood of a security breach and virus attacks since knowledge of the inner workings of the application will not be as widely known as off the shelf software.

Custom software development services is better an option since it enables one to accommodate the changes, growth and future plans of the organization; whereas, getting the right product software is a painstaking process that requires one to go through the functionalities of the different alternatives in the market before settling on any one. Even then, the selected product software will not perfectly match the requirements of the organization. A lot of money is thus spent on features that might not be of use in your business.

With custom software development services, the application is defined to match the institution’s processes and work flows which leads to better service delivery overall because the needs of the organization and by extension those of its stakeholders (clients, suppliers and regulators) are met.

There is less expenditure on training for bespoke software. The software is built around the organization as opposed to the organization trying to wrap its processes around the application. Staff will easier understand an application that closely simulates what they already do. Change management is much easier with custom software than it is with product software. Since the product has been developed with the particular organization in mind, users will have a sense of ownership and better embrace it.

Custom software development does not require licensing fees. This is important given that virtually every organization expects to expand as time goes by. Once the institution pays for the custom software, ownership and all current and future licenses will usually automatically revert to it. This means the application can be used indefinitely and by as many users as necessary without the need to purchase additional licensing.

Compare that with product software which is almost always subject to a license that places a cap on the number of users. For product software, the organization must pay extra for more users. Licenses may also be subject to annual renewal, which further increases the total cost of the software.

The custom software development services follows a distinct life cycle. First, the organization’s representative meets up with the developer to agree on the various requirements that should be included in the software. The developer then comes up with various ideas based on these requirements and gets clearance from the organization on the best idea. On approval, the developer goes into programming phase. A prototype is presented to the client for software application testing. Any issues are returned to the developer for correction and subjected to end user acceptance testing (UAT) again. Once UAT is successful, organization signs off on the project and developer hands over the application for installation and use.

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