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Virtual Court Software Development For High-Tech Courtrooms of Future [Case Study]

06 Dec 2021

An unprecedented situation, created by the COVID-19 pandemic prompted almost every sector to operate remotely. Online meetings for almost all routine processes are becoming an integral part of the new norm. For the court and administrative system, this evolution was an opportunity to discover better ways to overcome disruptions and reimagine the justice administration. This meant the adoption of innovative solutions by law officials (judges and more) to hold virtual hearings by embracing remote systems for case proceedings from anywhere. It was with the core objective of empowering the justice system through a virtual environment, regardless of the circumstances. Further, it is likely to become part of the long-term digital strategy of judicial institutions.

Learn how Rishabh helped revamp the legacy justice system with virtual court software development. We added intuitive video & document management capabilities to ensure process continuity across levels.

Project Overview

A US-based company serving public sector organizations was in pursuit of a technology partner to help them support courts administrative agencies with the unification of legacy & modern systems with virtual court capability.

To connect court officials with defendents & lawyers virtually, the existing solution was lacking a remote court hearing capabilility. Beyond a secure video stream, it must enable case management for courts of varying sizes while ensuring reliability and security required by the justice system. Team Rishabh Software helped modernize the platform that today enables defendants to not just attend hearings from anywhere using a secure video, but also supports court offices to manage and be better prepared with case-related documentation.


  • Manual intervention for setting up & processing court processes
  • No real-time interaction between third-party applications
  • Difficulty in integrating data from diverse sources
  • Multiple dependencies to create sessions/hearings


We performed a complete assessment of the existing environment to create a revamp plan that would address the unique needs of the court office. It involved the identification of possible avenues for integration as the primary objective for the virtual court platform development. The end-platform must be able to seamlessly conduct hearings along with robust file management.

The all-inclusive solution today offers;

  • Unified platform to create sessions, hearings, and more to process lawsuits
Virtual court hearing software development
Virtual courtroom software development - Dashboard
  • Ability to view a schedule of virtual sessions and join for a virtual appearance online
  • Provision to upload relevant case documents, including photos and videos.
  • Unique ID access (with right user authentication) to capture case, defendant, and session details
  • API integration with CMS for seamless workflow and prevent data entry redundancy


  • 0% manual intervention
  • 65% decrease in the failure-to-appear rate of defendants
  • 50% reduction in delays to court proceedings
  • 40% reduction in operational costs

Customer Profile

A North American software solutions company



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