Data Warehousing Solutions

BUPA, established 60 years ago, is an international healthcare company with 10 million customers in 195 countries.

Rishabh Software began its association with BUPA about a decade ago with a Staff Augmentation Model. Rishabh was part of a multi-vendor relationship with BUPA and helped them further develop their existing suite of applications. Some of the service offerings included:

  1. Data Warehousing solution
  2. Database Development
  3. Insurance Product Development

Based on their experience with Rishabh Software, this is what the Group IS Director of BUPA had to say about us :

“BUPA worked with Rishabh for 3 years between 1999 and 2001 to procure the services of their VB and PL/SQL development resources to work on our IT projects in the UK. These personnel have proved themselves to be of a high calibre and have integrated into our teams successfully.

BUPA have greatly enjoyed the financial benefits of working with Rishabh and have, with your assistance, been able to easily overcome the risks usually associated with using offshore resource. The people provided under this arrangement have proved to be highly productive, technically competent and conscientious. All have been very conscious of quality, and have made concerted efforts to adapt quickly to BUPA’s quality requirements. In addition to this they have demonstrated good flexibility, with many putting in extra hours at weekends and on holidays when required.

We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with you and hope to be able to provide opportunities in the future for you to remotely develop managed projects on our behalf”.

Uwe Natho, Group IS Director – BUPA (2001)

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