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E-commerce Challenges – 1: Security Concerns

24 Sep 2013

The advent of e-commerce was touted as an incomparable solution to traditional business premise that only had the ups and no downs. But soon business organizations realized that like every solution there are two sides of the coin.


Ecommerce has its own set of challenges and issues. We are going to discuss some serious challenges of e-commerce in our ‘Ecommerce Challenges’ series. This is the first of many posts.


Ecommerce security – The biggest and the most important challenge


Despite the fact that internet has come a long way from its ‘open’ days, the fear of online transactions, be it financial or data transfer, is very high in the consumer’s mind. Hacking, identity theft, credit card stealing, bank information stealing, etc. are some of the greatest security issues that hinder the consumer from trusting online businesses. Eventually, this means loss of potential business for organizations.


Ecommerce security challenges are however, not limited to consumers. Businesses and corporate firms also face security challenges as their vital information, records and most importantly their reputation is at stake. Here we will address some of the common ecommerce security solutions for business organizations.


Ecommerce solutions


Business organizations do not take sufficient steps to mitigate security challenges at the outset and hence issues arise. It is very important for businesses to protect themselves from hackers and shady activities like phishing by having secure payment methods and steps to keep customer information safe.

    • Security plan

Security should not be added at the end of website development phase, but should be thought of since the beginning of ecommerce website development and design. Very few web developers realize the importance of security planning and place less importance on it.

    • SSL security certificate

In order to overcome this e-commerce challenge, many sites opt for SSL security certificate to showcase their security. Many businesses also feature built-in SSL upon checkout alternatively ecommerce businesses can purchase a certificate.

    • HTTPS

Regular online shoppers must know the https or the lock symbol and that it denotes the security of the payment transaction. It is a big no-no for ecommerce businesses to avoid https in today’s time.

    • Ethical hackers

Ethical hackers or security consultants have emerged as the newest solution for ecommerce security challenges. These people think like hackers and protect your ecommerce venture by fixing the security loopholes.

At Rishabh Software, we take pride in our ecommerce solutions. We embed security planning in the initial website mapping phase and take all the necessary steps to mitigate the ecommerce challenges that can compromise the security of our ecommerce solution. Call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form to find out more about our ecommerce solutions. In the next post in the ‘Ecommerce Challenges’ series, we will discuss eCommerce checkout process challenges.