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E-commerce Challenges – 3: Making SEO Friendly E-commerce Site

30 Sep 2013

A secure and attractive website is just one part of having an e-commerce solution. You need to have an SEO friendly e-commerce website in order to achieve success with your venture.


If your website doesn’t rank on relative keywords or worst, is blacklisted by search engines, then no matter how attractive or secure your website is, you won’t have visitors. A good ecommerce websites development company can ensure your website is completely SEO friendly and meet all e-commerce challenges.


Here’s how:


  1. Web domain: This is the most important part of a website. Some of the successful websites today like ask.com, paypal.com, google.com and twitter.com achieved this success after tweaking their web domains from askjeeves.com, X.com, google.stanford.edu and twttr.com respectively.
  2. SEO friendly URLs: Stagnant URLs rich with keywords are considered as SEO friendly URLs. SEO friendly URLs are important to improve the brand identity and better search engine optimization.
  3. Title and Meta tags: Unique, informative and attractive title and Meta tags are very important for effective SEO friendly e-commerce sites. A good SEO analyst researches the market well and generates SEO-friendly tags.
  4. Heading tag: One more crucial way to achieve high ranking in SERP is to give proper structure to your page through the use of heading tags. Your page will look structured through the use of these tags, increasing its stand in search engines.
  5. Image alt tag: Images can’t be read by search engines. So it is important to give image alt tags to search engines as they can better understand what the image is about.
  6. Site speed: SEO friendly e-commerce website will never have lots of flash files, JavaScript, frames, images and irrelevant links that can affect the site speed. Long time for website loading, page opening, etc. can all push your visitors away.
  7. Navigation structure: The navigation structure of your website is very important for SEO purposes. If your website is difficult to navigate, your drop off rate will be high and this will negatively affect your SEO. SEO friendly e-commerce ensures your website is easy to navigate and every link takes you to the right page.
  8. Site map: A neatly organized site map with pages properly classified and in neat order are very important.

Keeping your website SEO-friendly is one of the crucial e-commerce challenges. It is very important to take care of all the SEO requirements right from the development phase – such as navigation, site map, etc., so as to ensure you don’t have to make major changes later on.


At Rishabh Software, we take care of all the basic and advanced SEO requirements so that your website is on the path of success from the time it is launched. To find out more about how we overcome e-commerce challenges to make your website a success, call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form.