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E-commerce Challenges – 4: Website Design for Better User Experience

03 Oct 2013

E-commerce website design and development plays an important role in the B2B and B2C business with the growing trend of internet and e-businesses of today’s modern era.


The electronic trade that is carried out online is what we know as e-commerce. The e-commerce sites help you make your business global, increasing the visibility to consumers and potential buyers.


Good e-commerce website design and development enhances the generation of revenue of the businesses by attracting traffic to the website. The more visitors your website attracts, the better are the sales on it. An online store enables more and more people to know about your company giving your business brand visibility. Whiles E-commerce websites help in building a brand image of your business it also helps to reach a broader target audience by showcasing your products and services globally.


However, all this can only be achieved if you have an ecommerce solution that stands out in the crowd. A lot of ventures go under because they cannot overcome the e-commerce challenges. One of them is the website design and user experience. There are various web design components to take care of if you want to improve the e-commerce user experience on your website. They are discussed below.


Online catalogue


Online catalogue allows businesses to add unlimited products and services with a facility of classifying products and services into several categories and sub-categories. This enables the buyers to easily access the services and products that the business has to offer, and instantly find what they are looking for.


This increases the overall e-commerce user experience. For instance, a woman looking for pink satin dress, will need a nested category like women > dress > satin > pink. A good web design will allow customers to narrow, refine or broaden the results as much as they want to.


Easy promotion


E-commerce website design and development facilitates the enterprise to promote and advertise their services and products in a specific way through banners, links and other attractive propositions that can boost sales of these products and enhance the e-commerce user experience as well. Featuring your sales, limited offers and most selling items on the banner images helps attract new visitors to become your potential buyers.


Other tools


Today, e-commerce website design is done with intricate product filters, insight search tools, online inventory management system, products videos and dimensional photos, user-friendly shopping carts and so much more that guarantee a smooth user experience.


Efficient navigating tools such as bread crumbs, mega menus with categories and sub-categories, etc. make it very easy and tireless for shoppers to do multiple shopping and research at the same time.


Tools like social media marketing ability, SEO-friendly content, creative and innovative website design template, easy product overview, testimonials, product comparisons and variations, and easy and multiple check out features take shopping to a whole new level altogether. This attracts more and more visitors, and helps them to view, compare and purchase the products they are looking for easily.


The benefits of e-commerce website design and development are not limited to the points discussed above; there are many more advantages that businesses enjoy when they venture onto opening an online store. E-commerce trading is the most advanced means of doing business and increasing profits in today’s time.


We’ll help you overcome the e-commerce challenges that most online stores face today. Come talk to our experts for e-commerce website development that is sure to boost your sales and improve your brands global visibility. Call us today at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form to know more about our services and offerings.