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Enterprise Tech News: ECMAScript 2019 Edition of JavaScript, Android Q Beta 5, Apple macOS Catalina Beta 4

18 Jul 2019

Today’s tech news roundup covers the new JavaScript edition ECMAScript and releases of Android Q Beta 5 and Apple macOS Catalina Beta 4.

ECMAScript 2019- The Next Edition Of JavaScript




ECMA International approved the next JavaScript edition called ECMAScript 2019. It will help standardize JavaScript language and foster independent implementations from browser vendors.
The new JavaScript edition contains many proposed changes to field declarations, and methods and fields (for both static and private).
Here are a few critical features of ECMAScript 2019 edition.


  • Due to the changes in Functions.prototype.toString, all ECMAScript functions can keep source text without using implementations.
  • The method prototype.sort() is now stable. It sorts the array elements in place and returns the array.
  • The Symbol.prototype.description property directly exposes the internal slot of a symbol rather than revealing indirectly through Symbol.prototype.toString.
  • Users can omit Catch binding when it is unused.
  • Object.fromEntries is a new feature that creates or transforms key-value pairs into an object.
  • String.trimStart() trims white space from the start of a string.
  • Prototype.flatmap provides convenience and optimization. It is now possible to do flattening and mapping in the same operation. Moreover, users don’t need to allocate the mapping array to remove it at the time of flattening.


The development teams can view and download the ECMAScript 2019 specification from the ECMA International website. Rishabh Software has an expert team of front-end web developers who define the behavior of web applications. We build responsive designs with interactive webpages and stunning UX/UI experiences.

Android Q Beta 5 Released With Gestural Navigation Tweaks




Google recently released the Android Q Beta 5 version of its new mobile Operating System. This first release candidate of Android Q offers better gesture navigation and Back Sensitivity feature.
Google has recently finalized the required developer APIs and tools. Further, the beta 5 version contains Android Q system images for Pixel and Android jEmulator. Therefore, it is suitable for app development and testing.
Top 5 Features and APIs of Android Q include;


  1. Dark Theme: Users can enable the system-wide dark theme for a consistent experience.
  2. Improved Biometrics: The ‘BiometricPrompt’ class provides an ideal way to use fingerprint authentication on Android devices.
  3. Better Gestural Navigation: It works with all DrawerLayout versions. Users can open the navigation drawer by tapping on the screen’s edge and then swiping inside the apps.
  4. Back Sensitivity: Four settings ranging from low to high, determine the phone sensitivity to back gestures.
  5. Better Networking APIs: IoT devices can now use functions like configure, download, and print.


Android Q Beta 5 version is available on the compatible pixel devices. The development teams can download the official API 29 SDK & tools in the Android Studio 3.4 stable release or Android Studio 3.5 beta.


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Apple Unveils macOS Catalina Beta 4 To Developers




The macOS Catalina 10.15 Beta 4 allows the development teams to use the new app features and test them against API changes. Let’s check what this new Apple beta build offers to developers.


The macOS 10.15 SDK comes with the support of Xcode 11 beta. With Xcode 11 beta 4 now available for use, the development teams can take advantage of SwiftUI framework to create excellent apps for various devices.


  • Apple removed the iTunes app and included three different apps- Music, Podcasts, and TV apps. Users can perform the device management through Finder function.
  • A new Sidecar feature turns iPad into a secondary display for Mac system.
  • Using Apple pencil, an iPad can be used as a drawing tablet for apps like Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • Users can approve a security password and other information in macOS Catalina system using Apple Watch.
  • Macs with a T2 chip are secured now due to the support of Activation Lock. ‘Find My Mac’ app helps to track the Mac device when it’s offline.

Registered developers can download the latest macOS Catalina beta 4 using Software Update mechanism on their supported Mac devices. Though, we recommend you to wait for the firmware update, which will come with the hefty bug fixes.


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