Top 4 eCommerce Store Solutions in Joomla

06 Nov. 2013 e-Commerce Development

Joomla e-commerce shopping cart and store can work wonders in locating and targeting potential customers online, further increasing the company’s online sales figures. This blog discusses the most popular joomla shopping cart extensions to use for your e-commerce store.

Joomla eCommerce Development

Joomla is one of the widely used content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Joomla modules are built on the popular MVC (Model – View – Controller) model. It also delivers various e-commerce features like a shopping cart, checkout system, payment processing merchant or payment gateway.

Today, many enterprises are realizing the benefits of Joomla and leveraging the CMS to match the growing demand of online shopping. Many small, medium and large retail storeowners are implementing Joomla shopping cart and integrating various e-commerce extensions to innovate their businesses.

Given below is the list of the best eCommerce store extensions available in Joomla:

  1. VirtueMart is the highly used extension for implementing an online store on Joomla. It is a robust module that allow developers as well as users to customize the front-end of an e-commerce website with custom themes. It also allows business users to take care of unlimited product categories, process discounts, orders and shopper groups to increase online sales numbers.

  2. Virtuemart Screenshot

  3. HikaShop is another Joomla e-commerce extension that is used for its minimalism and litheness. It comprises of various marketing tools that can help you market your online stores. It also comprises of a powerful statistics tool that is displayed on the dashboard which can help you manage your complete e-store.

    HikaShop exclusive extension for e-commerce in Joomla provides a variety of other facilities such as advanced taxes management, multi-lingual domain management, along with multiple zones and currency management. HikaShop has proven to be the complete package as far as Joomla e-commerce solutions is concerned on a global platform.

  4. Hikashop Screenshot

  5. MijoShop for Joomla e-commerce store is a powerful extension featuring real-time management. Its unique feature of Joomla e-commerce shopping cart is user-friendly and rich with sub-features. This extension allows you to keep a control on your entire online store and manage various types of detailed sales reports. Many Joomla stores prefer to use MijoShop because it can allow integration of hundreds of payment gateways and shipping methods.

  6. Mijoshop Screenshot

  7. RedSHOP is the latest and the widest extension Joomla has ever received; it makes the circle complete for Joomla websites. By using redSHOP the latest Content Creation Kit of web-shop tools, the user can create innovative styles and change their web-shops/web pages even without having knowledge of HTML and CSS.

    RedSHOP’s key features include no limitations to design and templates, offer gift certificates and gift wrapping, show an unlimited number of products, multiple currencies, add pictures in different sizes, multiple payment and shipping methods, send out newsletters and catalogues, statistics and search engine optimization, easily create action e-mails and ready-to-use and easy-to-manage webshop.

  8. Redshop eCommerce Solution

E-commerce in Joomla has completely changed the development and designing techniques of online stores; the old fashioned PHP websites are now being replaced by websites made directly in innovative CMS Joomla framework.

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