Enterprise Tech News: Webinar Invite-Build Winning eCommerce Strategy, Google’s TensorFlow AI Framework, Microsoft Ransomware Protection

13 Apr. 2018 Enterprise Tech News

The tech news roundup of this week features: Webinar Invite-Building Winning eCommerce Strategy for your Customers, Google’s TensorFlow AI framework adds support for Swift and JavaScript, and Microsoft adds to OneDrive Cloud Storage new Ransomware Protection and File Restore.

Webinar Invite: Building Winning eCommerce Strategy for your Customers

Winning eCommerce Strategy

With the retail market size crossing $100 Billion this year, technology is rapidly changing the way businesses interact with customers. With easy access to the internet, today 98% of customers prefer accessing information through their laptops & phones.

If you are a company focusing on helping your customers’ build an eCommerce strategy on a tight budget, this webinar is for you. Join us on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, at 11 AM Eastern Time to learn the winning equation for the success of an eCommerce business strategy by leveraging the right technology. We’ll be focusing on critical areas like:

  • Current eCommerce Market Share
  • New trends and technologies shaping eCommerce
  • Building a Winning eCommerce strategy, and how we helped our customer

As part of this initiative, we will also be sharing a detailed market research report for Global eCommerce Outlook.

Register for Webinar?Learn how to boost eCommerce business engagement for your retail customers

Google’s TensorFlow AI framework adds support for Swift and JavaScript

TensorFlow AI Framework by Google

Google recently unveiled its popular machine-learning framework, TensorFlow to make it useful for a range of developers and offer newer ways for data scientists to start building AI models.

TensorFlow, one of the most popular programming frameworks among developers to set up and run machine-learning models at scale is an essential part of Google’s AI strategy. It helps Google’s data scientists to perform machine-learning research and build features that are more intelligent.

Google integrated TensorFlow and JavaScript to run machine-learning tasks in web browsers. Google LLC also expects to release TensorFlow for Swift, next month. Google’s framework for executing machine learning on less powerful hardware, TensorFlow Lite now supports Raspberry Pi, other than Android and iOS devices.
Google also opened up the TensorFlow Hub, which offers a repository to share various pre-built modules that developers can reuse across multiple models. TensorFlow also received an advanced graphical debugger from Google to allow developers monitor the functioning of computational graph’s internal nodes and better understand the way in which their models work.

Learn how to implement this programming framework in JavaScript for running machine-learning tasks in web browsers.

Microsoft adds to OneDrive Cloud Storage new Ransomware Protection and File Restore

OneDrive Cloud Storage with Ransomware Protection

Microsoft introduced a new OneDrive feature for seamless recovery from ransomware attacks. Files Restore making its way, from OneDrive for both business and personal OneDrive accounts. An Office 365 subscription would be required to get access to the new Files Restore feature. OneDrive users can now quickly restore files anytime within the last 30 days. If accidentally, a file is deleted then you will be able to restore it, or you can even roll back to an earlier copy of the same data because you did not as the changes made.

Microsoft is calling it as a great way to protect your data from ransomware attacks. By replicating the changes in the cloud, the FilesRestore reduces the dependency on local data in a state of attack where the files resting on the local PC are locked, and copies of the synced folders are deleted. The moment OneDrive detects bulk deletion of cloud files; Microsoft will alert the users via an email or mobile/desktop notification. The recovery process will instantly let the users restore to the time before the ransomware attack. “It is the first of its kind in the industry,” says Seth Patton, general manager of Office 365.

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