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03 Feb. 2011 General

In a world dominated by a single word ‘Competition’, there is a constant need to learn, grow and improve. Where change is the only constant, time and again the need to grow… the desire to excel has proved to be the decisive factors for individuals. In a quest for excellence, human beings have explored all possible avenues to quench their thirst for growth.

Education in all forms is the backbone of our mere existence today. Every lesson learnt, every session attended, every homework assignment is a stepping stone in itself towards the journey of excellence. More importantly, it is not only the textual or bookish knowledge that shapes the child, but also the mere learning experience from the surrounding. The events and happening around teach a child how to grasp, learn, unlearn and grow.

If I were to draw an analogy of education and professional career, I would compare it to the military drills before the war. In an archetypical yet, effective manner, educational institutes have crafted out the best soldiers in nations intellectual army. It equips you with the fundamentals, innovations, tricks of trade, ways to innovate and most importantly, keeps you well-informed about the surrounding. The sense of awareness imbibed by Education system in individuals is one of the most significant lessons one can ever learn, execute and perfect.

Education in the modern era also strikes a cord between the inherent liking of an individual and the opportunities available in the surrounding. It is imperative to focus on this aspect as in a diverse culture and mindsets, it is the freedom of thought and the way it is nurtured helps individuals to select and excel in their area of interest. Education is perhaps the one common platform which connects theses different pieces of jigsaw puzzle to create the one beautiful picture of a nation!

A career is often shaped and influenced by several factors. Career is often an integration of how one handles different situations in life, good, bad sometimes ugly. Some of them are controllable, while some beyond control. Education imparts the sense in the individual to act swiftly and smartly on the controllable before it gets out of proportion. Furthermore, it trains him or her to tame the uncontrollable.

Often professionals ill-equipped with the required education find it awkward to handle certain situations. People mistake this individualistic failure by giving undue weightage to other factors, a drilldown happens in the extreme negative direction resulting in lot of friction amongst the team. Having apt education puts people in just the right frame of mind to tackle hostile situations in professional scenario.

In the rapidly changing world, education too needs to evolve with time. Professional careers in near future will have dedicated streams right from the basic level. We are moving into a world where knowing more and more about less and less is gaining popularity, and education certainly will help us achieve the epitome of success.

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