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24 May. 2013 Cloud Development

Cloud based services with their value proposition of ease of scalability and low cost with limited overheads, are gaining immense popularity amongst large enterprises and SMB’s alike.. Here are some key cloud services that have begun to get a lot of traction:

1. Productivity Suite on the cloud

Migration of popular productivity applications like Microsoft Office 365 and the emergence of new ones like Zoho has seen a fast adoption of such cloud based office suites, in the enterprise world. Billing through a distributor, flexible pricing and payment terms make this business model very appealing for enterprise customers over the existing on-premise model.

2. UC on the cloud

UC Browser, which is a web browser for mobile devices, is turning into an emerging opportunity on the cloud. Apart from the biggies, many niche players like Twilio are also emerging as an opportunity for hosting UC services on the cloud. Amongst the well known large players, Microsoft has offered Lync as an added feature in the Office 365 while Cisco, Digium and Avaya, have also announced hosted UC offerings.

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3. Storage or backup on the cloud

Content that is served over the internet frequently is fast migrating to a public cloud. Web application owners are using Amazon’s public storage service S3 to host static content. Caching content is now being provided by providers like Akamai and Amazon CloudFront. Outside of this, secondary storage, data backup and archival are other opportunities with nearly two dozen vendors offering them. Channels, along with migration of apps to the cloud, can also play a services role in the areas of consulting, integration and maintenance.

4. Business applications on the cloud

Many tech giants have moved their CRM services to the cloud. Salesforce.com, which was the pioneer for moving CRM to the cloud, has now been joined by Microsoft and SAP. The biggest challenges that these enterprises face is the customization of the business applications required while being hosted off a public cloud. The service opportunity for enterprises in terms of on-premise models with consulting, customization, training and integration remains at par currently.

5. IT management on the cloud

The future of IMS lies in the emerging service of Automated Managed Services. As a result, vendors are now likely to provide IMS-as-a-service assurance over the cloud instead of, as a value added service.

6. Infrastructure and Platform on the cloud

Today, the cloud services that generate maximum revenue globally are IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). The tech giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft are expected to generate revenues through these services in billions of dollars in the current year of 2013.

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