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Improve Time to Market by HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

02 Nov 2015

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) drive industry growth and employment in the European Union (EU) and United States (US). Ninety-nine percent of companies in EU (over 20 million) and US (over 28 million) are SMEs.


Web and mobile technologies are helping SME’s grow rapidly as business becomes increasingly global and competitive. However, they face specific challenges in the process that begins at idea conceptualization and ends at final product creation for customers. Apart from that, time to market, achieving targets and generating revenue becomes difficult.


Enterprise Mobile Application Development Using PhoneGap & HTML5

HTML5 mobile app development with PhoneGap is one approach that can be used to achieve faster time to market by creating enterprise applications for multiple platforms. By building a cross-platform enterprise app using PhoneGap that works on iOS, Android & Windows devices, enterprises can reach a wider user base without having to develop individual native apps while still being able to access native device API’s. This helps in reducing the investment to develop the mobile app. PhoneGap programmers build apps using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 that can be natively-installed across all the major operating systems.


Easy access to “out-of the-box” plugins on PhoneGap that help access the native functionalities of the OS and the option to custom code “native plugins” for your need, gives developers the flexibility to build robust apps with PhoneGap in a shorter time span. Because of the above reasons PhoneGap is considered as one of the best cross-platform mobile app development framework to work with.


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Here are some plugin repositories based on the PhoneGap framework that can be used for faster mobile app development:


  1. Simplify Data Access – User data access and management are one of the prime concerns for SMEs. This can be improved by using Dropbox Sync plugin to add the native mobile SDK into your PhoneGap powered apps. This plugin will help users to upload their personal data or app data to the Dropbox server for easy retrieval via cloud access.
  2. Get Notifications of Activities – Developing a cross-platform mobile app, using the Push plugin will help you setup push notifications through your application for Android, iOS, Amazon’s Fire OS and the Windows Phone 8 powered devices. It sends push notifications to the phone/mobile device user, based on messaging services like Google Cloud Messaging, Apple APNS or the Microsoft WNS, etc.
  3. Improve Customer Service – A query or chat application is very useful for SMEs to resolve customer issues and provide better services. A mobile app can be created by using Web sockets which allow your app to perform a continuous real-time two-way communication thread between the client device user) and the server that is hosting the app’s services. This plugin is very useful for apps that work in real-time like chat applications or those that have to constantly refresh themselves for new content or analytics like Facebook or Google Hangouts.
  4. Integrate Payment Gateway – Enterprise apps created for retail and eCommerce SMEs require payment integration that can be achieved by using PayPal and BrainTree Plugin. PayPal is mostly used for making mobile payments for physical goods/service purchased or sold. By adding this plugin into your app’s framework you can help the user make cross-country payments via the app architecture for any kind of web service they use. Similarly, BrainTree is a mobile payment provider like PayPal that can be integrated for easy payment of in-app purchases or any other payments that your app may require. This plugin is perfect for businesses that include an eCommerce option within their apps.

You can also shorten the time-to-market an app by associating with an experienced mobile app development partner. They can help you build robust, easy-to-use cross-platform apps to help grow your business.


Rishabh Software is a reliable technology partner that helps small and medium sized organizations drive business value from their technology budget. We guide our customers step-by-step through their mobile app/product development journey right from the conceptualization to the launch & maintenance of the app.


Have a look at few solutions developed by our team in PhoneGap for SMEs:


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