Expected Software Development Trends

31 Dec. 2012 Software Development

Technology has always been evolving and never static. The constant evolution has been so fast that for many, matching its pace has been overwhelming. It’s a big loss for the developers if left behind. Software development as such is a very dynamic field. The rise of Web 3.0 (semantic web) and Information Technology’s improvement opened up new paths for innovation and development for software engineers and developers.

Software Development Trends

Following are some of the trends that we expect to see in the most prominent areas of software development:

Cloud Computing: With the potential increase in businesses embracing cloud computing as an integral part of their day-to-day operations, business processes become more flexible and convenient. This indicates that the demands for Softwares that use cloud computing are high. In the year 2012, high performance computing was seen moving to the cloud. In 2013, cloud burst can be expected where in high performance computing will be taken to the next level. It has the ability to function as a deployment model where an application runs in a private cloud and bursts into the public cloud. In this hybrid cloud environment the application will run in a private cloud and later burst in the public cloud where it is in high demand, saving a lot on investment and resources.

Location Based Computing: Apps and web services such as Facebook-places and Foursquare has gained popularity because of integration of GPS with mobile devices. This development shows the importance of location based apps among individuals and businesses. This growing technology shows great acceptance in the field of education, healthcare, hospitality, travel and entertainment.

Agile Methodology: When building software with the bottom to top approach, situations are unpredictable. Business requirements can change anytime and release cycles can become uncontrollable. Managers and teams working on the development of software, now use agile methodologies because of its irregular nature. Agile methodology includes dividing the work cycles into intervals called iterations. This method gives the teams a chance to revisit and revise the ongoing projects without decreasing the productivity.

Mobile Technology: The number of people using mobile devices, to be in touch with the fast paced world, has been steadily increasing. According to a study by reportlinker.com, value of mobile ecommerce is expected to grow $10 billion by 2013. Windows , Android, Blackberry OS, iOS and other mobile operating systems are the new battlegrounds for software developers. Developing softwares and applications for customers on these platforms plays a vital role in the future of software development.

With increase in the use of these technologies the market will open-up for more and more innovations and developments making 2013 an year worth waiting for.

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