Enterprise Tech News: Microsoft Plans To Upgrade F#, Apache Spark Releases Its New Version, NodeSource Bundles NSolid & Kubernetes

29 Jul. 2016 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Microsoft’s upcoming updates for F# 4.1 release, Apache Spark unveils its new version, and NodeSource announces containerized NSolid deployment for Kubernetes.

Microsoft Plans F# Language Upgrade

Microsoft Plans F# Language Upgrade

Microsoft is planning to upgrade F# “functional first” language later this year which will have added capabilities like struct tuples, improved error messages and more. F# 4.1 will include support for .Net Core, a cross-platform open-source version of .Net programming model.

The new version focuses on flexibility and incremental enhancements. It features interoperability with Visual C# 7 and Visual Basic tuples. The Visual F# 4.1 will provide support to edit and compile .Net Framework and .Net Core projects. Visual F# IDE tools will be available for use with the next version of Visual Studio.

Moreover, Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio Code tools will have F# 4.1 support included upon release. The upgrade will also be supported in Fable F#-to-ECMAScript transpiler and in the Roslyn Workspaces for code analysis and refactoring in Roslyn compiler platform.

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Apache Spark 2.0 Is Now Generally Available

Apache Spark 2.0 Is Now Available

Apache Software Foundation (ASF) recently announced the release of new version of Apache Spark, a popular open-source cluster computing framework. Apache Spark 2.0 offers a new streaming system, performance improvements, and API refinements to the data users.

The new Apache Spark is said to be easier on top and faster underneath. Project Tungsten, one of the most technologically ambitious additions, is a reworked Apache Spark’s treatment for memory and code generation. It includes features such as applying Tungsten’s memory management to both caching and runtime execution.

Spark 2.0 also comes with a major shift in APIs. DataFrames and Datasets, which were two different ways of accessing structured data previously, are now under the same hood.

NodeSource Combines NSolid & Kubernetes For Better App Deployment

NodeSource released the beta launch of its containerized NSolid Deployment

NodeSource has announced the beta launch of its containerized NSolid deployment for Kubernetes. NSolid, the enterprise-level Node.js technology will work with Kubernetes container management system for easier deployment of apps on the server-side JavaScript platform and offer better security.

The Nsolid-Kubernetes combo accommodates the on-premise and cloud deployments of Nsolid. It includes features like NSolid monitoring interface and Docker images to run Node.js apps in a Docker container with the NSolid runtime.

The Kubernetes configuration supports the NSolid version 1.4. With this combination, users can deploy and scale apps, undertake real-time performance monitoring and debugging, and monitor security continually.

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