Future Prospects of Dell Highlighted in Its Enterprise Forum

25 Jun. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Dell hosted its Enterprise Forum 2013 in Santa Clara, CA, which had around 1600 attendees including customers, channel partners, analysts and Dell executives.

Storage received less attention during the keynotes at the forum as compared to servers and converge systems. But storage yet remains a critical product for Dell as it brings in twice the gross margin of servers for the company.

It was noted that servers and converge systems was paid more attention than storage, when storage earns more than twice the gross margin of servers for the company. This shows that storage is to remain a critical product for Dell.

Dell Oracle

The new Enterprise portfolio of Dell now consists of services, security, networks, storage and software. It announced VRTX, a new converged system for enterprise remote office and applications for small business office.

VRTX has been preconfigured for VMware environments, with a 50 TB storage space and is scalable horizontally. However the limitations of scalability were not announced.

Mark Hurd appeared in the opening keynotes via a video and announced the strategic partnership of Dell and Oracle. This partnership is around another Dell-branded converge system stack which will be optimized for Oracle database, malware, management software and applications.

Dell has wound its way into enterprise storage by expanding and evolving its enterprise storage portfolio. The Dell executives, in the Forum, announced the updates in their storage strategy.

They announced Flash Optimized Solution, a bi-level implementation of flash storage, a Big Data high density storage array and that Dell’s Fluid OS will now be supporting a 2 PB single namespace, SMB 2 and NFS 4.

We now have to wait and watch how Michael Dell’s vision of the new Dell shapes up in the coming future.

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