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G-Cloud: A New Cloud Experience for Government Agencies and Enterprises

29 May 2013

The UK government has its G-Cloud in the third iteration, with an aim to improve the way they are procuring cloud based ICT services.


G-Cloud is the framework introduced by the UK government to introduce cloud based ICT services in the government IT departments. It is also aimed at streamlining IT procurement across the entire group of public sector organizations.


This framework, which is in its third iteration, is set to connect IT departments of the many vendors of cloud based services. The cloud based services included here are SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and other such cloud services. The UK government has supposedly given birth to this framework with an aim to one day shift the entire public sector IT onto either of public, private or hybrid cloud.


These cloud services can be easily accessed through the UK government’s one-stop-shop, the CloudStore. You can now search and avail nearly 7000 cloud based services registered by over 800 suppliers. The CloudStore is at present open to central agencies and departments but will expand once access is granted to all of the government organizations and departments.


Government agencies are encouraged to move to the cloud just by looking at the service offering or price war that is waging between the three tech giants – Google, Microsoft and Amazon. However, looking at the entire process, we still need to wait and watch how successful the G-Cloud is in shifting the entire public sector IT onto the cloud.