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Enterprise Tech News: Github’s Actions, Acquisition Of Spektral By Apple, API Monitoring Service By Google’s Apigee

19 Oct 2018

This tech news roundup features: GitHub launches workflow automation tool – GitHub Actions, Apple acquires Danish startup Spektral for augmented reality technology, and Google’s Apigee launches its API monitoring service.

GitHub Launches Actions, The Workflow Automation Tool


The web-based hosting service provider GitHub was all about storing and sharing source code with your colleagues or the rest of the world until it announced the launch of GitHub Actions. Actions will allow developers to not only host but also to run the code on the platform. It will automate the development of workflows for building a full CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) pipeline.


You can now quickly build, update, package, deploy, and release your project in any programming language on GitHub or other external systems without running the code on your own. Furthermore, with the aim of making the life of developers easier, GitHub announced several new security and other features on its platform. One of them is the new GitHub Security Advisory API, to find threads in the code through automatic vulnerability scans and alerts for Java and .NET projects. If your developers are prone to placing their security tokens into a public code, you can now rest easier as GitHub will scan all the public repositories for those token formats. If it finds them, it will alert you, and you can create a new one.


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Apple Acquires Spektral, A Danish Startup For Augmented Reality Technology


Apple recently announced the acquisition of a Denmark based start-up, Spektral. This Danish computer vision company works on segmentation technology. Previously known as CloudCutout, it uses machine learning and computer vision techniques to create cut-out images from video backgrounds in real time on smartphones. It makes cut-out images look more realistic in the augmented reality environment and standard applications.


The company might contribute to Apple’s imaging business, improving the quality of its legacy products and taking them to ARKit. It would also help in adding live filters to human figures and making digital AR content interact like humans without any human intervention. Spektral’s segmentation technology works hassle-free on mobile devices, which makes it more efficient with faster processing on AR images across gadgets.


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Google’s Apigee Launches Its API Monitoring Service

Google acquired the API management service Apigee two years back. Recently, the company announced new extensions to make its integration with many Google Cloud services easier and general availability of the API monitoring solution. It allows the operations teams to get insight into how the APIs are performing and figure out the cause for the issue, if any, through granular data.


Apigee is growing fast as the enterprise developers are adopting modern development techniques. The API Monitoring was before available as a beta. However, it is generally available now for all the Apigee customers. It will now allow deeper integrations with Google’s cloud services like Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage and Spanner.


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