Google And Amazon Cut Prices While Openstack Grizzly Debuts

10 Apr. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cut down prices by 26% on its Windows on-demand EC2 instances, a move it took within hours of Google having slashed prices by 4% on its Google Compute Engine instances (GCE instances). OpenStack Grizzly has come as a better alternative to AWS.

Amazon, who introduced cloud computing for public, and it’s wanna-be rival Google have slashed down prices on their respective cloud computing services in turns. The price cut brought about by Amazon was for Windows and hence it is speculated that the price cut may have been directed towards Microsoft Windows Azure instead of Google.

Cloud Price


The tech vendors, however have commented that despite the price cut that Amazon has implemented, the AWS is still not cost effective. The companies, once started deploying higher end services, found that other cloud services were much cheaper in comparison to AWS.

The new visual analytics applications provided by SAS Institute, if run on the SAS infrastructure for a period of six months or more, will prove to be cheaper than if run on AWS. According to Buzzient CEO, Timothy Jones AWS is a honey pot. He said “You can get in cheap but pretty soon it’s not very cheap at all”.

The seventh OpenStack release, OpenStack Grizzly better supports VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors. It also supports multiple storage options along with providing some software defined networking (SDN) perks. Lew Tucker, VP of cloud computing for Cisco, says that Grizzly’s updated Quantum components will allow networking companies to develop applications that will control the underlying network according to the rules and policies.

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