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Enterprise Tech News: Google Unveils Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, Microsoft’s Azure Sphere for Improved IoT Security, NetSuite’s Massive Global Expansion

27 Apr 2018

The tech news roundup of this week features: Google launched Enterprise Dialogflow chatbot platform out of beta, Microsoft Improves IoT security with Azure Sphere, and NetSuite grows global footprint by adding new features and tools.

Google Launched Enterprise Dialogflow Chatbot Platform Out of Beta


Google LLC recently announced the beta version launch of its Dialogflow Enterprise Edition. Dialogflow is the platform for companies seeking to operate personal intelligent chatbots. The service, prior known as API.AI was making it easier for the companies lacking AI expertise to create and run their bots. They were using AI-based language to understand and process end-user interactions.


The service has now made an integration with Google Cloud services to convert the spoken words into written text. With this launch, Google assures enterprises to offer technical support and guaranteed level of Dialogflow availability.


The capabilities of the Enterprise Dialogflow chatbot can be used to build virtual assistant skills for Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa. These capabilities are critical to onboarding companies onto Google Cloud, which then lets Google upsell other services as well.


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Microsoft Improves IoT Security with Azure Sphere

Microsoft recently announced Azure Sphere, the company’s latest program to increase the security of millions of devices, which are microcontroller-powered and available online as elements of the internet of things (IoT). With Azure Sphere, Microsoft is making a previously unthinkable move: the launch of a custom Linux kernel.


Microsoft also announced Azure Sphere OS, which is Linux-based and has multiple security layers baked into a code that powers a microcontroller chip. Microsoft’s Azure Sphere Security Service will handle the security and management of these chips, offering the company an edge in this growing market.

,p>Microsoft is expecting that the first slot of Azure Sphere-compatible devices will be available in the market by the end of the year 2018 and the development kits will be arriving in the mid of the year 2018. The service currently has a private preview.


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NetSuite Grows Global Footprint by Adding New Features and Tools

The Oracle-owned cloud software company, NetSuite is rapidly growing its global footprint by expanding aggressively. The company recently added new features and tools, offering industry-specific solutions and a new commerce platform.


With a series of cloud-based products, NetSuite is introducing native localizations for six largest economies of the world, including France, Germany, China, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. Last year, NetSuite had launched distribution in 13 different countries.


While NetSuite is growing its geographical footprint, it is also including more intelligent abilities with vertical-specific features, tools and 14 new editions of SuiteSuccess for the customers. NetSuite is offering machine learning-based capabilities with insight and suggestions for various business users in an organization.


NetSuite also announced that it is launching SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce. The product will enable businesses to set up an online store in just 30 days. It will have pre-packaged, pre-built commerce stores along with back-end integration for keeping track of inventory, shipping, and other information. It will support both B2C and B2B eCommerce. NetSuite is providing free implementation to the first 1,000 customers purchasing the SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce.


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