Google Introduces The Android Device Manager Feature

05 Aug. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Google, though much later, finally introduced an all device Android Device Manager service, right before the launch of its first true Google phone – Moto X.

Google may have been late in introducing it, but it finally did bring on the feature that will help all Android device users to locate their devices. The new feature, which is much similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone, has been named as Android Device Manager.

Google announced this feature right before its true Google phone, Moto X, was to be unveiled. Many believe that if the tech giant is successful in selling as many devices as it expects, then the announcement of this feature in that sense becomes inevitable. It will help the users of Moto X locate their devices if lost or stolen.

This service will be available for devices with Android 2.2 or above sometime later this month. The Android Device Manager allows you to locate your device, if anywhere near you, by ringing it at maximum volume, even if it is set on silent.

The feature will allow the users to overlay their locations on map. This will help them track their device in case they’ve left it behind, say in a restaurant, or has been stolen.

Android Device Manager

In case you have lost your Android device, the feature will also give you an option of wiping your device clean of all your data, should it fall in the wrong hands. However, Google has not yet indicated whether the users will be required to download the application from Google Play.

This possibly means that the service will be seamlessly integrated with the device without having any need for actually downloading the app.

Android device users will now have to wait, just for a few more days, to find out how well this new feature of Android Device Manager actually works.

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