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Google Leads Global Mobile Ad Revenues, Facebook Rising

29 Aug 2013

The latest estimates by eMarketer indicates that Google is still at number one for generating mobile ad marketing revenues followed by Facebook.


The eMarketer’s latest estimates spans across worldwide ad spending and revenues generated by the significant players in mobile and digital ad markets. Google is estimated to grab around 53.17% of the worldwide mobile ad market this year. It will slightly increase its share grabbed in the previous year, which can be attributed to continued growth in mobile search usage and further monetization of YouTube on mobile.



Furthermore, eMarketer estimates that the overall ad market worldwide will grow up to 89% – to $16.65 billion, in 2013. Google, followed by Facebook, is now the top ad publisher. The two giants lead not only for mobile ad marketing but for all digital, and with a strong lead on the competition.


Worldwide, Google is estimated by eMarketer to take in nearly 33% of all digital ad dollars, up from 31.46% in 2012. Among others, Facebook is said to increase its total share by 5.41%, Microsoft to hold its ground and remain steady, while Yahoo is estimated to lose its current position by a little.


Compared to the previous eMarketer estimate release in June 2013, Google had a 33.24% share of the worldwide digital ad market while Facebook was at 5.04%. However, Microsoft is the one for which eMarketer forecasts a significant increase in the expected revenues, from $2.08 billion to $2.92 billion. Amazon is also estimated to see a 37.7% to $840 million growth in its global ad revenues this year.