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Google Play vs. Apple App Store – a Comparative Overview

03 Dec 2013

The two most popular app stores that attract not only users but developers in terms of mobile app development too are the Apple App Store and Google Play. This article gives a comparative overview on both the app stores.


People all over the world today are engulfed in the wave of smartphones that is weaving around. More than half the total population are estimated to be using smartphones. This has fueled the need of mobile app development over various platforms that devices have. By far, the two most popular OSs’ are the Android and iOS.


There was a time when Apple’s iOS was considered untouchable, but Google’s Android has been giving it a tough competition. Developers are in a race to develop the best apps for both the OS and get maximum user acceptance. For our benefit, let us take a comparative – Apple App Store vs. Google Play, overview on the two stores:

Apple App Store Google Play
App submission on Apple App Store is a bit stringent, there are strict rules and policies that developers are required to follow while submitting their apps. Developers may find it difficult to get their apps approved in the first go. Google Play has set rules and regulations, which are easier to follow for app submission. Furthermore, these rules are standard and quite easy with respect to the censorship issue as well.
The initial registration fee for developers is high, but returns are good. The initial registration fee is just $25 and developers can then promote their apps, provided it has some utility value.
Mobile app development becomes a bit difficult as Apple has a lot of restrictions in terms of development tools to be used, etc. It is much easier for developers to develop mobile apps for the Android market as there are no restrictions to app submission.
They do not have freedom of editorial content, but in return are given guidance on why the app was rejected. App developers get complete freedom of editorial content for mobile app development, but then do not receive the necessary guidance. This can at times prove difficult for novice developers.
Developers get 70% of the sales of their app, and it stands a good chance of getting promoted through numerous channels on the store. Google Play has a lot of free apps, but it provides the facility of in-app advertising, through which developers can earn with their free apps.
Although it owns only 18% of the app universe, it pulls in at least $5.1 million in revenues every day for the app owners It owns 75% of all app downloads but generates only $1.1 million a day for its app owners

Looking at the comparison between Apple App Store and Google Play, it seems like both platforms offer almost equal opportunities for developers. Our developers at Rishabh Software have the expertise to overcome the pitfalls of each platform and can help develop a mobile app on the OS you seem right for your business need. For more information on our mobile app development services, talk to our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form.