Google Play’s Revenue on the Rise, Brings It to 33% of Market Share

13 Aug. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Google’s Android app marketplace has witnessed a great boost in its revenue growth this year, Japan and South Korea being major contributors, while Apple witnessed a low boost in its revenue growth.

Distimo, an app store analytics firm, in a report released yesterday reported that Google Play has seen a significant revenue growth this year. The major contributors, of course other than US, to the revenue growth were Japan and South Korea. According to the report, the revenue of Google Play has increased by nearly 67% over the past six months.

Mobile App Revenue Country Wise

On the other hand, the report indicated that Apple’s App Store revenue took a rise by only 15% during the same time frame. Although the figures indicate the massive market share effect of Android on the app industry, Apple App Store still remains to be the largest. It also continues to get a revenue that is more than twice of Google’s app marketplace.

However, the latter figure is somewhat different from the one reported by App Annie in April. The report by App Annie gave the figures for the second quarter of this year. Distimo, on the other hand, reported the revenue generated during the last six months in the 18 largest countries.

Having said this, we should also note that Google Play’s growth in revenue is quite notable. In February 2013, Google Play had a mere 25% share in the combined revenue of both the app stores. However, Google Play’s share in the combined revenue, in July 2013 has increased by nearly 8%, bringing it to a 33%.

The top 9 countries that Distimo provided a comparative data on, for apps sold over Google Play, Apple App Store – iPad and Apple App Store – iPhone. The top three countries that spend most on apps are US, Japan and South Korea, followed by Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Russia and Italy.

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