Enterprise Tech News: Google Progressive Web Apps, Microsoft Apps for Android, JSweet for Developers

25 Dec. 2015 Enterprise Tech News

This week’s tech news roundup features: Google announcing Progressive Web Applications for Browsers, Microsoft Apps store launched for Android users on Google Play and JSweet to help developers build better web apps.

Google Introduces Progressive Web Apps for Browsers

Progressive Web Apps

Not satisfied with the quality of web applications in contrast to their native versions, Google has begun to actively pursue the Progressive Web Apps concept. This concept aims to combine the best of apps and Web.

Progressive apps work with any form factor, load quickly on sketchy networks, send push messages and have their own icon on the home screen. As mentioned by Alex Komoroske, Google Group Product Manager for the Chrome platform, “The way that we think of Progressive Web Apps is they use modern Web capabilities, they deliver a native app-like user experience. Also they evolve from just pages and browser tabs on mobile into top-level apps, all with the low friction of the Web.” They are “a consciousness raiser, helping developers see that they can do more than they sort of thought they could do with the Web.”

Microsoft Apps – A one stop shop for its Android Apps

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft has further extended its support for Android through the launch of Microsoft Apps. This is a brand new application that helps users of Google’s operating systems by giving them a single place to search for apps like Bing, Cortana or Word.

The first thing that users need to do is – download the app on their devices. Thereafter, they can use the app to browse for and download a wide variety of Microsoft apps. It’s that simple. Apart from this, there is no other exclusive content that users will have access to via Microsoft Apps. So in essence, Microsoft Apps is a comprehensive directory/store of all the Android apps available from the organization.

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JSweet for Web App Development in JavaScript


Java Developers can rejoice. JSweet has recently been open-sourced. With the help of JSweet, it is now possible for them to use Java for building Web Apps in JavaScript.

JSweet aids in transpiles from Java to TypeScript and, in return, JavaScript. TypeScript happens to be built by Microsoft and is a superset that compiles to JavaScript. According to officials at JSweet, ” It is a light solution that adds bits of Java syntax to TypeScript. If you want to compare JSweet to TypeScript in a few words, you can say that JSweet is the same as TypeScript, but for Java. It offers an alternative to Java programmers wanting to program real Web applications. The good news is: they don’t have to drop Java anymore.”

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