Google, the Google of Big Data?

13 Jun. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

Google’s Jeff Dean helped build the purpose-built machine learning system infrastructure, which has made Google Image Search even better.

Many often wonder as to who is going to be the ‘Google of Big Data’, but isn’t Google the obvious answer? However, one should note that Google has been leading the competition where using Big Data is concerned. It is known for its products such as Search, Translate, Play Music, Trends and so on.

The products built are quite compelling and Google still does not show any signs of stalling their progress, instead it is moving ahead with an even rapid pace. These products, however, are nearly impossible to exist and function appropriately without large amount of data feed. Although, these products require more than just the data for it to work efficiently.

Google Data Center

The products, with time, should become more and more intelligent, which can be made possible with the infrastructure and systems engineering, an area where Google is a winner. The company once again, on Wednesday showed off in its blog post on how it will allow its users to better search their photos. This is how they described the process:

“We built and trained models similar to those from the winning team using software infrastructure for training large scale neural networks developed at Google in a group started by Jeff Dean and Andrew Ng. When we evaluated these models, we were impressed; on our test set we saw double the average precision when compared to other approaches we had tried”.

Looking at the experiments and the way Google has been moving forward with its products, we can only hope to find out a more advanced and better use of Big Data.

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