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Enterprise Tech News: Google Wallet Boosts Retail, Microsoft Mobile BI, Google Cloud for Big Data

17 Apr 2015

This week’s tech news roundup features the Updates to Google Wallet, Microsoft’s acquisition of a mobile BI service and Big Data updates to Google’s cloud platform

Google Wallet Boosts Retail By Growing its Network


The mobile payment space in Retail has seen a sudden spurt of activity off late. The idea of being able to make payments conveniently and quickly using a phone is an attractive proposition for many retailer and consumers. Google has made significant advances for the retail mobile payments race by acquiring Softcard’s point-of-sale system. Users of the Dunkin Donuts and Seamless Android apps will now be able to use Google Wallet for making retail purchases. This service is now growing in the UK market enabling Gmail users to shop easily with Google Wallet. It appears that Google has started to capitalize on the ‘Buy with Google’ opportunity with the inclusion of all these new features/services.

Microsoft Offers Mobile BI with Datazen


Microsoft is now offering Mobile BI services to its consumers by acquiring Datazen, a mobile business intelligence (BI) and data visualization service platform. Datazen helps enterprise users to create mobile dashboards from Excel and SQL Server. According to Microsoft, all of their current products are available while their team works on Datazen server and the BI platform will be available for free to Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition customers (version 2008 and beyond). Lately, Microsoft has been in the news for the emphasis they place on BI platforms to handle large amounts of consumer data being generated. Acquiring Datazen is a step in the right direction for them.

Big Data Management Made Easy With Google’s Cloud Platform


Big Data management is a hassle faced currently by CIOs, and Google is making it easy for them by updating its cloud platform. The company announced a number of new improvements and services for existing offerings. In addition, they have also released a beta version of Google Cloud Dataflow and made key improvements to Google BigQuery. Google Cloud Dataflow helps create big data applications using simplified SDKs and programming languages. Also this platform will enable enterprises to derive more insights from their data without increasing operational expenses with regards to maintaining/scaling infrastructure.


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