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Google’s App Engine to Chase Amazon Web Services

17 May 2013

Google set to compete with Amazon Web Services with an updated Google App Engine, Google cloud storage and general availability of Google Compute Engine (GCE).


As Al Hilwa, program director for Application Development Software research at IDC stated, Google is taking all the right steps for becoming a serious cloud platform competitor.


Google in its Google I/O developer conference disclosed much awaited news for its customers. The Google App Engine platform, version 1.8.0, will now add limited preview for PHP programing, which will be an added benefit for the developers. It currently supports its own Go, Python and Java.



Google has also announced Google Cloud Storage, which will be a competitor for Amazon’s S3 storage solution. It is a managed and schema-less storage service for non-relational data. The tech giant disclosed that the standalone service will offer automatic scalability, high availability and capabilities such as ACID transactions and SQL like queries and indexes.


The announcement that caught the most attention of its customers was Google having made the Google Compute Engine generally available for all its users. It will be adding one-minute billing increments. Google will also be increasing the size of its persistent disk that developers have access to – from 1.25TB to 10TB.


With all these announcements made, we will now have to wait and watch how far Google succeeds in catching up and leaving behind its big time competitors such as Microsoft and Amazon.