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Google’s Cloud Revenues on a Hike

19 Jul 2013

TBR analysts suggest a major rise in Google’s revenue generated from the Cloud and Google App Engine.


In a Thursday analyst note, TBR analysts estimated that Google nearly earned $200 million in the second quarter via its Google Cloud Platform and App Engine. This rise is nearly a 195% up from its previous year’s earning.


According to the analysts of TBR – Barba and Mirandi, the company’s revenue is estimated to reach up to $885 million by the end of this year.



The revenue can be partly attributed to the G-Cloud but the Google App Engine has been a major contributor in the revenue generation. The trend, Google Apps being the major contributor, is predicted to continue throughout 2014.


According to the analysts, the Google Compute Engine, the company’s IaaS is yet to gain increased adoption from developers and programmers.


Although Google is expected to reach great heights with its cloud services and App Engine, it might still be second only to AWS (Amazon Web Services) – believed to be a $2 billion operation.


However, Google is also a fast growing company as far as the IaaS business is concerned.


A positive factor for Google is that it has been taking steps towards integrating its Google Compute Engine with the Google App Engine and other cloud services.


However, according to Barba and Mirandi, the company in order to grow its revenue, will require to further invest for hybrid and private deployments.