History Repeats Itself!!!

23 Jun. 2011 General

India as a country is on a very delicate and decisive curve. A curve that will define where the will move in the times to come. The ‘Anna’ factor quite literally… triggered a storm. It galvanized the youth, shook the mid-aged and poked the old, all for a cause! It ensured that there was enough fire to ignite the frozen feelings of nationhood. Feelings that otherwise took 22 players, 2 umpires, 1 ground, 6 stumps, 2 bails and quantum of media coverage to orchestrate how PROUD they were to be an INDIAN.

Anna did the ignition bit, but the actual engine will be put to test NOW. History repeats itself… Life is a cycle…  You have surely heard these phrases haven’t you? 1857, a public uprising against the mighty British Rule in India failed due to lack of unity against the rebels. Lack of unity that was driven by fear.  FEAR of who will rule India after the British? A fear wrapped with silver foil of individualistic greed of few rulers that the Brits pondered upon and thrived to rule close to 90 years.

1920, No confidence Motion almost shook the Foundation of British Raj in India, Called Off… Called off by Gandhiji, after a stray incident at Chauri Chaura and Gandhiji (debatably)concluded that ‘India is not ready for Independence, surely the sample size Gandhiji took for his research and conclusion for India, will bamboozle the best brains in the research industry of today. Anyways, we lived to fight for another day and we reached there… somehow.

1971, after having Pakistan on the mat and after having the full authority to suppress all nemeses from 1956 on Kashmir, East Pakistan, etc… etc, we let it go away. The India Army was forced to retreat by the Indian Government, Again, fear… the fear of retaliation by International community and daunting repercussion backed by a belief that we, as India will not be able to cope with it.

Today, 2011, not as mammoth as events above, we are crippled with the same fear. Will we be able to live the India we all dream of? People again are fighting to find excuses over petty things. The brains that came together for a cause are now grappling with individualistic opinions and missing the bigger picture. This is a crucial juncture Ladies and Gentlemen, because, if we fail to keep the momentum now, we will end up the 1857, 1920 and 1971 way… hoping one more day from past to be changed for betterment of the country. Its time to put your hands and heads together because, if we don’t the opposition (the politicians of this country) who have mastered the art of priming our minds over the years with one line, will get one more chance to yell at us… “Is Desh Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta… Jaisa Chalta Aa Raha Hai… Waisa hi Chalega”. Its time for us to say, “Is Desh ka Hum Kuch Karenge… Ab Aur NAHI Chalega!”

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