How Do Cloud Based Solutions Help Improve Customer Service?

21 Aug. 2013 Cloud Development

Customer is the most important and integral part of any business, and if a company wants to succeed it needs to keep its customers satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is more than just the sum of these two words; it involves responding to inquiries on time, providing accurate information and doing regular follow ups. Besides this, there are a lot of other measures that can be taken to improve customer service. These days, cloud technology is impacting and improving almost all business operations including customer service. Cloud based services help improve customer services through better access and integration.

Cloud Customer Service

Let’s review some of the benefits of cloud services:

  1. Using software directly over the cloud means the customer doesn’t have to download it and spend hours for installation. This way your technical and customer service department do not have to constantly worry about installations and can spend more time on other valuable activities. This is the first and the main benefit of cloud based solutions.
  2. ‘Pay as you go’ seems to be another valuable benefit for customers as they don’t have to invest heavily in the software. It is also relatively easier for your customer service team to attract and retain customers for a long time because of this facility. As customers are billed only for the services they have subscribed to, it becomes easier to help them improve their experience by focusing on their needs and issues more deeply.
  3. Cloud based solutions provide extended trial services without having to download the software and customers are free to halt or end their subscription whenever they wish. This flexibility to choose enhances customer satisfaction right from the start. Extended trials allow customers to gain complete faith before subscribing to the cloud based services. Customer service department can also turn these potential customers into loyal customers during these trials.
  4. With cloud based solutions, you know which features are essential for customers and which are not. Customer service department can play along these lines and do some hard selling with the help of this insight.
  5. Along with the features, error and activity logs are also easily accessible. This allows your technical service team to check the log and trace the issue easily. Quick response and error solution is one of the best ways to please a customer. This is yet another way to improve customer services with the help of cloud based solutions.
  6. The top most benefit of cloud based solutions is customers don’t have to reinstall or update the software. Maintenance, bug resolving etc. are done on the cloud itself, so clients or customers don’t have to worry about installing new versions and customer service representatives don’t have to worry about explaining them about the new versions.

In the past, customers who were unhappy about their purchase had the sole option of telling their friends about it and/or lodge a complaint to the service provider. But in today’s time the big boost in social media n has increased the customer’s reach tremendously. Because of this, the customer-vendor relationship has changed in itself. The customer support departments are no longer rewarded as simple help tools, but also as long-term marketing departments.

These are the main changes that cloud technology has brought to customer support. However, there are also some tools to help with customer care. Many of them are in the cloud, which makes them easy to adopt and more user-friendly than ever. They encourage self-service, crowdsourcing, live chat and monitoring of social media as well as social customer service.

Here are the most important of them:

Salesforce is a marketing, sales, and service app, which specializes in providing users a better and more enhanced support as they browse through your site.

Zoho offers various tools for enhancing your online campaign. They provide a word processor, a presentation tool, a spreadsheet application, plus a few more site-managing tools.

WalkMe enables you to simplify the browsing experience for your users and eliminate any further confusion which might occur. It’s like enhancing your website with a GPS which swiftly guides the users’ navigation throughout your site.

LivePerson is a tool which allows you to create real-time connections with your customers and help increase your customer conversion rate.

ZenDesk is a company which provides support ticket and customer service software solutions. They provide a 30-day free trial which allows you to accommodate yourself with their web-based solutions.

NanoRep is a self-learning customer support tools which can help to increase customer conversion with up to 20%. It works by adding a “Have a Question?” widget to your site. Once users enter their queries, they are automatically given an answer from the application’s database right away.

From all of these companies established purely to help the customer while using cloud technology, we can see that it’s very much a vital part of the business. It has certainly transformed the customers experience and enabled further brand loyalty that goes beyond the product itself, but because of the ease of use.

At Rishabh Software, we provide cloud based solutions which help improve customer service and in turn, customer satisfaction. Talk to our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form for more information on our cloud services.

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