How web technologies has influenced the world in the present era

02 May. 2011 General

Web technologies have now become indispensable in every aspect of our life. Technology influences the whole world in both domestic and corporate spheres. Today if you have a desktop or laptop with an internet connection, you can communicate with your friends via different technologies like email, online chatting, video conferencing, blogs etc. You can even do your very essential jobs just sitting at home. Like money transactions, railway and air reservation, booking hotels, movie tickets, arranging entire travel plans through various online applications. You can even check your result for important exams online. Further more there are many popular online applications in the socio economic market such as online share trading, online money transaction, online marketing, shopping and many more. Information and technology thus become part and parcel of our life.

Web proves to be the most effective source and tool for research. It gives you information on any subject. Using powerful search engines does the trick and for doing so you don’t require any prior technical knowledge. Online bidding and share trading has become essential or rather indispensable in the present day. Without the internet this would not have been possible in today’s times. Job opportunities in the IT field are increasing day by day and the coming generation will be highly dependent on IT. Technology thus helps mankind in terms of accuracy , speed and also minimizing manual effort. It brings the whole world to us in a nut shell.

Besides all the positive sides of web technology, there are various negatives. Cyber warfare is the most haunting challenge in the coming era. Any nation-state can penetrate another nation’s computer networks and disrupt the entire communication system. In the year 2009, President Barack Obama declared America’s digital infrastructure to be a “strategic national asset,” and in May 2010 the Pentagon set up its new U.S. Cyber Command.

Defending cyber-crime has now become the biggest challenge for any nation or state. Computer hacking is the most prominent crime. Hackers are creating computer programs to destroy targeted terminals, programs or stored data. Some hackers hack for personal monetary gains, i.e. stealing credit card information, transferring money from various bank accounts to their own account followed by withdrawal of money. This had lead to the founding of the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell in the year of 2000 in India.

As we increase our dependency on technology, we tend to move away from our social responsibilities. The value of relationships has reduced; everyone is busy with themselves and the virtual world. Man may have brought technology for mankind; however it is technology now that drives mankind. In conclusion it can be said that although there are several negative aspects that need our attention, the present generation is growing more dependent on web technologies.

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