Human Cloning

11 Jan. 2011 General

According to biology, Cloning is a process of producing a population of genetically identical features. It is the process of producing the exact replica of an existing human being as far as it is related with the physical feature, structure and growth.

A very interesting biological invention that induces thought. As we are aware that every innovation, be in biology or technology, has its pro’s and con’s, so does cloning.

Let’s start on a positive note.

Human cloning can be beneficial to mankind in different ways like: Treatment for heart attacks, and infertility, to cure defective genes, genetic diseases, use in surgeries, exploring the science of embryology, so on and so forth.

Along with positive aspects cloning has a dark side associated with it. Few of which are outlined below:

Identity Concerns: If people start cloning genes of Human beings without consent, it will raise a serious question of medical ethics. Every human being has a right to privacy and safeguarding his or her individual identity, and human cloning will raise a serious threat to the same. The value of being a unique individual may be threatened as well!

Psychological harms: Any new innovation attracts media glare! In this case, the Cloned creature will have a lot of psychological pressure due to constant media glare, too much attention from the scientific world and the right wing groups. The cloned child will not be in the best mental frames to choose his or her way of life.

Future Generation: If people start cloning prolifically, daughter will resemble her mother, son resemble father, imagine the fate! The fate of the father and daughter relation or a Mother and Son relation for that matter!

Gene Market: Human cloning will also lead to the formation of a ‘Gene Market’. Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous’ is perhaps one of the most popular series’ ever. People spend hours just imagining how ‘Successful’ people spent and earned their lives. Opportunists will create a completely unethical, yet legal marketplace. It will be a marketplace where genes of these ‘Successful’ people will be available for sale. People like us will go haywire to buy those genes to have our children ‘Successful’ like those people, using the shortest route possible… ‘Cloning’! It will decrease the human diversity significantly, the most important reason for survival of human beings on this world.

In my opinion, the process of producing a replica of an existing human being is a future’s call! Neither the society, nor science is in a position to initiate this controlled chain reaction. A holistic view of the concerns is a must, before stepping in to the world of Human Cloning.

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