IBM’s Cloud Solution for the C-Level Executives

24 Jun. 2013 Enterprise Tech News

IBM has modified its SmartCloud portfolio of cloud based enterprise software offerings. It’s come up with new cloud based analytics and automation solutions for everyone in the C-suite.

A slew of new cloud solutions has been introduced by IBM, which are aimed for the C-suite executives. These new cloud based solutions are aimed at improving customer experience and helping the executives meet their objectives that are in line with their company’s IT strategy. As Paul Papas put it,

“The cloud opportunity is helping C-suite leaders reshape customer experience. As part of IBM’s digital front-office strategy, we see these 100 cloud applications as a way for business leaders to improve customer experience, reach new customers, generate new revenue streams and become more competitive in their industry.”

IBM SmartCloud

The new cloud based solutions has advantages for every executive in the C-suite. For example, the chief marketing officers will be able to analyze, understand and engage their customers in relevant, interactive dialogs by means of digital, social and traditional marketing channels.

Similarly, there are benefits for sales and e-commerce executives, chief procurement officers, chief supply chain officers, general counsel, CFOs, chief human resource officers, etc.

IBM’s Social Media Analytics also promises marketers on greater insight into understanding customer sentiments through social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums. It will then help them refine products, service levels and targeted offers according to the on-going trends.

The main idea behind this analytics is to provide executives with an insight into the consumer perception of their company specifically instead of an industry-wide perception or relying on a third-party’s analysis of the market.

Craig Hayman, general manager at IBM Industry Solutions, believes that business leaders are measured on results and taking advantage of cloud solutions will prove much advantageous for the B2C.

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