Importance of Behavioral Training

10 Oct. 2011 General

A couple of days ago, I saw an interesting quote on LinkedIn –
“Learning of the day – Today’s employee is empowered and intelligent, and no longer can you expect over bearing, high pressure management tactics to improve performance. In the modern work place, managers are discovering that they must work in partnership with their employees, providing them with the tools they need for success by first determining exactly what those tools are!!”

In an era where the traditional belief is that numbers drive the business, it is such realization that actually paves the way for dynamic thinking. The most important and easy mistake that business houses of modern era can make, is thinking that, what has succeeded in the past can be extrapolated in the future. The rules of the game have changed.

Even the good old Ohm’s law said, “So long as the physical state of the conductor remains same, the potential difference is directly proportional to current passing through it.” The point to be noted apart from the physical significance of the law is that, even this fundamental law of electrical engineering acknowledges the fact that if ‘Physical State’ or in other words, situation changes… the law has to change.

We have enough training structured to improve the ‘mechanical’ or should I say, ‘technical’ aspects of a professional personality. However, as research upon research has concluded, it is not the ‘technical’ but the ‘psychological’ or ‘behavioral’ aptitude that gets the better of an individual in crunch situations. ‘This’ is the crucial aspect where our ‘Technically’ near-perfect individuals lack in the modern era. This attribute especially applies to modern day managers who have to cope with a generation of employees who are equal if not more ambitious than their managers.

In such a dynamic scenario, behavioral training can empower managers to leverage this positive kinetic energy of modern day Indian youth. Assertiveness, handling conflicts, creating Win-Win situations, accommodating changes, flexibility and dynamic approach are some of the areas where a lot of focus needs to be channelized. Resources at the end of the day especially in an IT industry are human beings and they cannot be programmed to work in a particular manner. The algorithms for getting work done from these resources are complex involving emotional, behavioral and attitudinal competence.

As the corporate scenario is changing, we are fast approaching a stage where, if people’s ambitions and behavioral needs are not valued, they will find a way out for gaining respect. In the barter, organ-I-zations are bound to lose some vital ‘I’s’ and in-turn vital ‘Organs’.

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