Internet Marketing Trends for 2011

12 Jan. 2011 General

As we enter 2011, we all know the importance of using social media for business development. It is well-accepted amongst most business houses today to have social media fit into their overall brand strategy by identifying where the leverage is with social media and how to manage it.

Every business house has to realize and accept the changing landscape and work towards reaching to newer markets using newer marketing trends. Instead of trying to reach broad targets of demographic groups, it is seen that valuable organic content is becoming more powerful, ranking higher by search engines and shared by passionate communities.

How to truly engage with a client in this over-competitive and conflicting information age, poses as the biggest challenge today. We are no longer just referring to just getting someone’s attention…..what we have to look for is real meaningful conversations that open up the communication channel that leads to more closures.

Look out for these internet marketing trends in the coming year:

1. Video Marketing

Are you creating videos for your internet marketing efforts? If not, look below to find out what the data says across many studies:

  • Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo:
    • Americans watch more videos a month on YouTube than they conduct searches on Google
    • A video is 50 times more likely to get a first-page Google ranking than a text page
  • Pew Internet Research’s
    • “7 in 10 adult internet users (69%) have used the internet to watch or download video. That represents 52% of all adults in the United States.”
  • Edison Research’s study
    • “During an average day, Americans age 12-24 spend two hours and 52 minutes on the internet, making the web the media format American young adults spend the most time consuming. Television closely follows with a daily average of two hours and 47 minutes.”

Though You-Tube marketing is not something new, more and more people are becoming aware of its uses and reach to a large demographic of people. Always ensure that Video Marketing fits in your strategy and focus on attracting the right audience with a topic or theme that’s worth their interest.

2. Social Media Metrics

You cannot expect all prospects to reply to your first channel of communication whether email or a phone call, hence it’s important to follow-up with social media to learn a little more about their social habits and sphere of influence before the next call.

Even the best of CRM’s do not capture the activities, sentiments, locations, behavior and preference which provide a much better picture of each of your customers.

What you need to track:

  • What’s my source of traffic?
  • How much does it cost me?
  • What are the demographics (age, location, etc…) of my traffic? Are they on social networks?
  • What are my customers looking for?
  • How much time does it take for my customers to go from the original source of traffic to my website?

The key here is to link metrics to actionable options that you generate for them. That’s why you want people to visit your web properties because you will have control of the environment. Everything is a test in marketing.

3. Direct Marketing – Still effective

When everyone around you has got a blog, a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a Youtube Channel, how do you differentiate yourself? You may be surprised to know that direct response marketing is still the most effective way to test your marketing campaigns. As mentioned above, if you need social media to work for you, you should be measuring the right metrics.

As I have mentioned in my other articles, one-on-one sales is the best way of marketing since you focus on finding out your customer’s business needs, their pain areas…their urgency.

In a direct marketing campaign, you’ll have a list of “high quality” leads that are more likely to buy. Without these qualified leads, you’re playing a guessing game, not knowing where it would lead and could also result in a waste of time and money. A great tip is to merge your email marketing efforts with social media, to gain further insights on your customer’s media habits, which can be used to optimize your next campaign.

4. Improve your Strategy

There are many out there who are those still contemplating with social marketing, and some who have already integrated social media to become more customer-centric. The challenge is how to strategize, streamline, budget, and measure social media and internet marketing.

Bring about a shift in your mindset… a “cultural” change. Employees may have to work towards enhancing customer experience to the fullest. With the right tools, employees can begin predicting what customers may look for my constantly following them.

So, how are you using your tools and platforms to increase your business reach? Technology around is changing fast and with it is a change, in how we communicate with each other today. Let the tools work to support your business. Identifying your customer’s pain areas is where adding value starts. And listening carefully when they talk is your opportunity to fill the value gaps.

The end result is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by building meaningful relationships between you and your customers.

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